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Award-winning microbrewery, based in Hoboken, Belgium. We provide fresh, premium craft beer, brewed for a modern society.

Crafting a Better Future

We're not just brewing beer, we're brewing for a better future, where flavour and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

We're not waiting out the status quo, we're driving the change. Learn more below about some of our efforts that we are doing for this and future generations.


Our spent grain is 100% processed: reused as compost or converted into biogas.


Both the cooling water from our wort cooler and the condensed water from the steam are recycled for complete reuse.

Returnable metal kegs

We are the first microbrewery in Antwerp that have started to use metal return kegs. Metal recycles forever and is for more sustainable then the plastic kegs that are often used by smaller breweries.

Meanwhile more breweries have switched from plastic to metal return keg.

SE10 is leading the way.

Base malt from Antwerp

All our base malts are coming from mouterij Dingemans, an independent maltster from just outside Antwerp. By sourcing locally, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, it also fits with our ethos to support local and independent companies.

Steam heating

A microbrewery needs warm water and wort has to be boiled. This requires lot of energy, which also costs a lot of money. To heat up our kettles and tanks, we have chose steam heating. Steam heating is the most energy-efficient way of heating, and hence also the most sustainable.