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Award-winning microbrewery, based in Hoboken, Belgium. We provide fresh, premium craft beer, brewed for a modern society.

Craft to the Core

We offer our customers a high quality, authentic and modern beer experience.

All our beers are brewed and packaged at our brewery in Hoboken. This will not change. NEVER. We do NOT COMPROMISE.

We are heavily passionate and inspired by the UK craft beer scene. We focus mostly on hop forward hazy pales, ipa’s, DIPA’s etc…but will also brew modern interpretations of classic beer styles.

Dare to drink different

We challenge the status quo in Flanders, pushing boundaries with bold flavors, 100% locally brewed, and fierce independence. Forget safe, if you're thirsty for for flavor that ignites, for a brewery that pushes boundaries and defies the norm, then we got you covered.

Sustainable sips for a thriving planet

The future of great beer rests on a healthy planet. We're passionate beer enthusiasts, but we're also responsible brewers. Sustainable brewing doesn't mean sacrificing taste. It means innovation,pushing boundaries - all without sacrificing an ounce of that craft beer magic. Check out our sustainability page to find out
more. Raising a glass with us is raising a glass to a healthier planet.

Locally brewed

No middlemen, no compromises, just pure,unadulterated craft, brewed locally and delivered straight to your taste buds.

Where perfection brews

Forget mass- and 3rd party produced mediocrity, where taste is an afterthought and passion is absent. Here, at our microbrewery, quality isn't
just a promise, it's an obsession. Our founding brewmaster Sven Kerstens spent years brewing in the UK, learning from the best breweries. We hand select the finest ingredients. We not only source well, we brew meticulously. Daily, we
tend to our creations, monitoring fermentation like proud real proud brewers.
No shortcuts, just pure brewing science and artistry.

beers brewed with passion, crafted with care, and delivered with the confidence
of true brewers.