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We are an independent microbrewery based in Antwerp. We provide fresh premium craft beer, brewed for a modern society.

We want to share our passion for the UK and international craft beer scene with Antwerp, Belgium and the World.

Beers that fit your lifestyle: whether you're having a dinner party at home, going out with friends, re-hydrating after sports, or you just want to indulge yourself, our beers cater for every occasion.

London Greenwich 2020

Founder/brewmaster Sven Kerstens enjoys a beer along the river Thames.

During the now infamous lockdown, Sven was head of microbreweries within the Brewdog group, and living in Greenwich, London (SE10 postcode). It was a time of massive change, and the idea of setting up a microbrewery started taking shape. SE10 was born, and the search for a location had started.

Was it coincidence or destiny, in a pub in Greenwich Sven met with people behind the  Blikfabriek, in Hoboken, Antwerp.

The location for the microbrewery Blikfabriek was decided.

The rest is history, or will be the future. Who will tell ? Time is relative anyway...